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Spently - Recommended Products

This collection is used by the Spently app, to make product recommendations in your Shopify notification and auto follow up emails.

  • It's important to note that this collection is “hidden”, it is not be visible on your website.
  • By default, your Best-Selling products will be recommended, but you can customize what is recommend by editing the collection.
  • The collection is updated automatically every 4 hours in order to recommend the best products to your customers in your emails.
  • We only recommend products that are in stock, visible online, and have not been purchased by the customer receiving the notification or auto follow-up email.
  • To enable/disable recommendations in your emails, login to the Spently app, remove the Recommended Products component, and re-export your template.

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  1. FW'23 Soft Vegan Leather Tunic
  2. Suede Poncho with Fur Trim
  3. Crop Sleeve Fur Jacket
  4. Plush Faux Fur Coat