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Spring 2024 Fashion Trends: What to Shop For This Season

Spring 2024 Fashion Trends: What to Shop For This Season

The many fashion trends we’ve seen for Spring 2024 present a captivating paradox. With a combination of styles and designs that undoubtedly belong on opposite ends of the sartorial spectrum, there appears to be no overarching theme. Runways and red carpets showcase a dichotomy where bold statements collide with timeless classics—on one end, we have flashy sequins and unexpected leather; on the other, the understated elegance of neutrals, pastels, and ultra-comfy office staples. 

This spring season, diversity reigns supreme, offering a kaleidoscope of styles for fashion enthusiasts ready to navigate the dynamic spectrum of stylish expression. In this article, we list some of the fashion trends that you may want to incorporate into your wardrobe this season.


Sequins (and All Things That Shine)

Sequins are set to illuminate the fashion landscape this spring. From dazzling sequined dresses that command attention to shimmering tops that catch the light with every movement, this trend invites you to embrace your inner luminosity. Whether you rock them as a statement piece or dress them down with jeans to incorporate sparkle into your everyday attire, sequins will add a decadent touch to any spring ensemble.

womens sequin jacket

But don’t limit yourself⁠—rhinestones, paillettes, and shiny metallics are also a great way to be très chic this spring. Basically, anything sparkly or shiny would work. The idea is to channel the eye-catching allure of the disco era with shimmering sequins and shiny fabrics.

While quiet luxury is still very much dominating the runways and racks, this season’s sparkly trend offers a much-needed departure from understated looks by going for opulence and extravagance. Sequins, glitter, and bold metallics take center stage, allowing fearless fashionistas to indulge in the fun and vibrant energy reminiscent of disco's heyday.


Sheer Layers

Sheer pieces offer a simple and foolproof way to evoke the breezy, easygoing vibe of the spring season⁠—which means this trend, a holdover from the previous year, is once again back for another trip around the sun. 

Image via Pexels

Delicate and ethereal, sheer fabrics offer an air of romance and mystique to any ensemble. To incorporate this sultry trend into your everyday looks, make sure to let the soft fabric be the focal point by layering over simpler pieces for a subtle yet sophisticated look. You can also opt for sheer sleeves or panels on tops or dresses to create visual interest without revealing too much skin.


Dolce Cabo Sheer Silk Blouse with Rhinestone Pocket Detail

Accessorize with simple jewelry and complementary bottoms to balance the delicate nature of sheer fabrics with everyday wearability.



Leather, typically associated with the cozy textures of fall and winter, makes an unexpected yet compelling appearance on the Spring 2024 fashion scene. Its sleek presence offers a striking contrast to the lighter, breezier textures that dominate the season, injecting a touch of edgy sophistication into your spring wardrobe.

Dolce Cabo Croc Faux Leather Midi Dress

Embracing leather as a spring staple allows for versatile styling options, whether it's a sleek leather jacket draped over a gauzy floral dress or leather trousers paired with a billowy blouse. Alternatively, you can rock this trend all on its own with the bright and pastel faux leather pieces from our Dolce Cabo Spring 2024 collection.

Dolce Cabo Faux Leather Puff Sleeve Shirt Dress

As a standalone statement piece or as part of a layered ensemble, leather proves its timeless appeal by effortlessly transitioning from colder to warmer months, adding depth and character to every outfit.


Tailored or Structured Shorts

This next spring 2024 trend is not just a single color, fabric, or style⁠—it’s an entire category of clothing. Shorts have emerged as another unsurprising fashion trend for Spring 2024. But not just any kind of shorts⁠—this year is all about structured and tailored designs that exude grown-up elegance and a polished vibe⁠.

Dolce Cabo Striped Seer Sucker Shorts

To pull off this easy spring staple, opt for shorts with pleats, pockets, and structured silhouettes that give your outfit a refined aesthetic. You can also go for stiffer materials like faux leather to maintain that structure (and you’d be combining trends, too). 

Dolce Cabo Faux Leather Pleated Shorts

From meetings to weekend brunches, tailored shorts redefine the boundaries of warm-weather fashion, proving that sophistication knows no seasonal constraints.

Statement Sleeves

Spring 2024 heralds the continuation of the statement sleeves trend, first seen on fall runway shows and now firmly establishing itself as a must-have for the new season. 

Image via Pexels

While the extravagant wingspans seen on the runways may be a bit theatrical for everyday wear, there are subtle ways to infuse this trend into your wardrobe without compromising on wearability. Opt for tops or dresses with moderately exaggerated sleeves, bringing a touch of drama without overwhelming your look. 

Dolce Cabo Linen Flutter Sleeve Dress

But of course, if you want to rock massive balloon sleeves or architectural sleeve shapes that defy gravity, you do you! This trend invites you to embrace the fantastical elements of fashion, adding a playful flair to your everyday style.


Pastels, Brights, & Moody Neutrals

This year, springtime paints a vibrant palette of colors, blending timeless pastels with striking brights and moody neutrals for a fresh take on seasonal trends. While pastels are a perennial favorite, icy blues take center stage in 2024, offering a cool twist on traditional spring hues.

Dolce Cabo Faux Leather Puff Sleeve Top with Split Neckline 

Dolce Cabo Faux Leather Puff Sleeve Dress

Bright colors are also set to command attention this season, with hot cherry reds and striking burgundy adding a bold pop to spring ensembles. Kelly green and chartreuse are likely to see a lot of exposure as well, giving you great springtime color options that can bring an eye-popping vibrancy to your more neutral looks.

Dolce Cabo Faux Leather Belted Dress with Puff Sleeves

As for spring’s trendiest neutrals, warm browns and grays offer a sophisticated statement, grounding this season’s looks with timeless elegance and versatility. Earthy hues serve as the perfect complement to bold prints and vibrant hues, offering endless possibilities for effortless and refined styling. 

Relaxed Officewear

Dolce Cabo Pleated Wide Leg Trouser

Who says you can’t be trendy at work? Spring 2024 ushers in the sartorial trend of relaxed office attire⁠—a perfect marriage of comfort and sophisticated professionalism. This season’s ideal workwear aesthetic revolves around easy tailoring, offering a refreshing departure from the rigid formality typically associated with officewear. 

This season, relaxed silhouettes redefine the traditional office-chic landscape, so get in on this trend by opting for oversized power suits, wide-leg trousers, and thigh-length blazers⁠. Elasticated waistbands are also an unexpected yet welcome office staple, adding a touch of casual Friday comfort to your daily routine. 

Dolce Cabo Oversized Linen Blazer

This trend, in our opinion, could be the most versatile we’ve seen so far. The laidback yet polished aesthetic transitions easily from boardroom meetings to after-work drinks, ensuring that you’re comfortable all day without sacrificing style.

From the unexpected appearance of leather in the bloom of spring to the playful flirtation of sheer layers, each trend tells a unique story, encouraging fashion enthusiasts to explore and embrace their style. Statement sleeves, relaxed officewear, and a wildly broad color palette invite us to expand our horizons and reimagine our wardrobes with creativity and confidence. 

With this eclectic mix of trends, this year’s spring season appears to be a blank canvas for sartorial self-expression⁠—and we’re excited to see all the amazing looks!

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