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Natural Fur

Shop our variety of natural fur apparel designed with modern style in mind. Made of top quality, real rabbit, raccoon, and fox fur.

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  1. Natural Knitted Fur Vest
  2. Faux Suede Poncho
  3. Suede Jacket with Natural Fur Cuffs
  4. Coat with Fur Cuffs
  5. Plaid Coat with Natural Fur Collar
  6. Plaid Lounge Coat with Fur Collar
  7. Over sized Fur Jacket
  8. Rabbit Fur Grooved Open Vest
  9. Hooded Natural  Fur Cape
  10. Light Weight Natural Fur Jacket
  11. Natural Fur Jacket with Sleeve Detail
  12. Cashmere wrap with Natural Fur Trim
  13. Natural Fur Collared Vest
  14. Natural Fur Vest with Knit Back
  15. Wool Coat with Natural Fur Collar